Arkansas Partners
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Make a difference today

Envisioning a culture of

Human dignity

  • Universal human rights
  • Freedom from oppression
  • Social and racial justice
  • Safe, fair immigration

Peace and nonviolence

  • Security without violence
  • Peaceful conflict resolution
  • Eliminating all wars
  • Nuclear disarmament

Environmental stewardship

  • Clean air and water for all
  • Global warming mitigation
  • Sustainability, conservation
  • Ecology and biodiversity

Respectful dialogue

  • Cultural, religious diversity
  • Nonpartisan depolarization
  • Commitment to truth
  • Democracy, right to vote

One can only do so much

Because I am just one person, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. How can I make a difference?

We have formed a coalition because we know we cannot change the world alone. We also understand that a given group cannot tackle every problem. The organizations represented above have different commitments and missions, but we work side by side toward a shared vision. With others, one can do so much.

Most of the organizations above are member-driven, and numbers matter. As you browse the Arkansas Partners page, when one catches your eye, they would love to hear from you.

If your time is limited, consider signing one of the statements or pledges on the Sign page. Above all, SHARE. This may be the most effective easy thing you do today. Just think of what you might start. The share buttons make it simple.

Pass it on!